Destination: Palm Beach, Florida

A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in a Destination Wedding photo shoot in beautiful, sunny Florida. I had just returned from Vermont where it was 20 degrees and Baltimore wasn't much better with its gray skies and chilly air-- my decision was practically made for me. While I had a go of it trying to re-arrange some projects, I managed to do so just in time to board the Air-Tran plane with my very talented colleagues.

The group that worked on this project were incredibly professional artists that I have been fortunate to work with previously. There was famed make-up artist, Ashley Riddle, of Up Do's for I Do's; the dynamic film trio of Balance Photography: Nerissa Miller, Nathaniel Corn, and their enthusiastic assistant, Brittany, and finally, me who was representing, A Garden of Earthly Delights.

It was a whirlwind trip that was filled with lots of hard work and really long hours, but the exotic models, location and flowers made it all very worth while. We arrived in the mid afternoon and drove immediately to the floral wholesaler, which happened to be located next to a strip club--(so reminiscent of Baltimore). I grabbed my floral stash, and headed back to Del Ray Beach where our central operations was located. Without so much as a break, I conditioned the flowers and within an hour, was busy creating some pretty spectacular designs.

The first shot took place that night in West Palm Beach's town center. It was a little chilly but the sky was clear and we managed to find some unusual shoot sites. While Rissa was photographing the models in the small park that housed a modernized water fountain, I spied out one of the most spectacular trees I've ever seen. There were lights all around the base of it, perhaps to honor its beauty? I am unsure of the name, but we were all thankful to have found such an immensely beautiful, old arbol in the midst of all the palm trees. It also provided some great shots of the bride and groom (models). Pictures of this forthcoming...

The other locations were varied and Nathaniel and Rissa took two teams out in order to pack alot of shots in small period of time. Rissa began shooting early the following morning we arrived at the beach, which provided just enough wind for some very beautiful flowing shots of gowns and hair. (pictures coming soon!) Nathaniel and Brittany found some great scenic places on piers, city monuments and architecture-- including the famous Colony Hotel, where they captured some great pictures inside the Presidential suite. In all, there was a well-balanced scenic background for each model. The "Balance Photography" gang managed to match each one with the right location, not an easy feat to accomplish when time constraints are present. Since we all work under pressure, we all worked well together; each of us understanding the delicacy of getting it right the first time. It was a very successful shoot, and these are just a few of the many images Nathaniel and Rissa produced. There was also a boudoir shoot taking place in between wedding shoots, I honestly don't know how they do what they did. Since this is a P.G. blog, I can't post any of the sexy pics, but you can go to Balance Photography's website and check out: I highly recommend them for both types of photography. P.S. only Rissa does the boudoir, so not to worry feeling embarrassed in front of Nathaniel the rock star!

Floral designs by: Carole Langrall
Photos by: Balance Photography
Hair and Make-up by: Ashley Riddle, Up Do's for I Do's


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